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N-Methyl-2- pyrrolidone(NMP)

N-Ethyl-2- pyrrolidone(NEP)

Puyang Guangming Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Domestic sales:Zhang Bo 18623937992
Zhang Ying 18530322555
Foreign sales:Manager Ji 13683939981
Manager Li 13663935638


 In 2009 NMP product quality promotion circular

 Mid-May of 2008, our company, through the verifying live of Harbin Coslight Power Co.,Ltd

 Win 《 testimonials of goods requirements for transportation 》 of the registration centre of chemical

 On May 2008, Our GBL Was proven to have no bittern (Fluorine ,Bromine, iodine , chlorine) composition by SGS

 On May 2008, Our company’s NMP passed the SGS?ROHS test, its test result and European Union ROHS instruction 2002/95/EC as well as following revision directive request match case.

 In April 2008 produce first high-quality GBL

 In February of 2008, the board of directors of the company will make the new decision

 In January of 2008, will learn through

 In December of 2007, through the competitive bidding of Yizheng Fiber Optical plant and Succeed, our company's NMP begins to enter chemical fibre industry .

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